Mermaid Juice

History of Mermaid Juice

History of Mermaid Juice

Everyone knows the worth of antiques comes from the stories they embody. The story, and history, is what makes them so desired, so rare.

Mermaid Juice Antique Shop is a new store in Mount Dora, Florida that fully encapsulates this concept. Daneaux Narrow, the store’s owner, is brimming with tales of his own and has now applied his personality to his business. His store is packed with antiques, from glassware to cameras to furniture, and Daneaux has a story for them all.

If you ask about the desk that sits in the store’s entryway, he’ll tell you this particular desk spent years on television as part of the set from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. If you wonder aloud about the weathered, wooden beer crates, he’ll explain that the “$1000 BEER” printed on the side does not refer to the cost of the case, but rather a challenge presented to the public from the brewery. The challenge was to prove that the beer contained any corn ingredients, a way that the brewery proves the authenticity of the beer brewed according to the German Purity Law.

The 1920s school desk requires an imitation by Daneaux, acting out how bored children used to play with the depressed ink well, causing its edges to become worn and smooth.

The stories behind Mermaid Juice, and in front of it, are as equally exciting as each item in the store. Daneaux’s love of antiques comes from a attachment to a 1950s Lionel train set he received as a gift from a neighbor in his childhood. Later, when Daneaux met his wife, Destiny, and discovered her passion for old glassware, the intrigue of antiques was sparked in him once more.

Mermaid Juice started from Daneaux and Destiny’s personal collection. The big picture of Mermaid Juice, the final stop of the journey, is turning the antique shop into a chic and unique tasting room for the brews that Daneaux would concoct in a nearby Mermaid Juice Brewery. The brewery concept has been the driving force behind the antique shop, and from which Mermaid Juice got its name (and slogan). In the short term, expect craft beer and vintage wines in the shop.

These will also come from Daneaux’s personal collection of rare and aged micro-brews at first. Daneaux has over 10 years of beer and wine experience, having worked in wineries and spending years bartending in craft beer bars, as well as having years of his own brewing experience. ¬†As with his antiques, Daneaux will deliver a story and an education with each of the beers and wines for sale.

You’ll get sucked into the ambiance and personality that has made Daneaux a favorite bartender among his patrons and that have created an immense Mer-people following. While you sip and shop, he will stroke his long, wiry beard and smile with infectious excitement as he imparts onto you the dramas of his items and his drinks, all collected in one place.

For antique lovers, beer and wine connoisseurs, or those curious folks just passing by, Daneaux is your Mermaid King and Mermaid Juice Antique Shop is your new hot spot.