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Who is Daneaux?

Who is Daneaux?


Daneaux Narrow first became interested in brewing while working for Lakeridge Winery in Clermont Florida.   He started working at Lakeridge in 2002 and by 2003 was experimenting with crazy wine and port concoctions on his own.  Russ Keaton-Reed, Lakeridge’s vintner, suggested that he consider brewing up a batch of beer and handed Daneaux The Complete Joy of Home brewing by Charlie Papazian.  Daneaux used some of the recipes in Charlie’s book as a starting point and added his special twist.  These first few brews were huge hits with the emerging craft beer industry in Central Florida.

It was about that time that long time friend, Troy Radike began bringing commercial craft beers home.  After comparing his brews to some of the commercial craft brews out there, Daneaux realized he might be on to something.  By 2005, Daneaux knew he was born to brew beer and his friends, family and fans could not agree more.

Intimidated by paperwork and start up costs associated with opening a brewery, Daneaux decided to be content with brewing for himself and his friends.  But the word was out!  The turning point for Daneaux was when high praise began rolling in from big wigs in the craft beer industry.  The first big boost was from Claus Hagelman, the former National Sales Manager of DogFish Head Brewery in Delaware, who was blown away Daneaux’s Pumpernickel Rye IPA stating he “had never tasted anything like it.”  The next was a meeting with Larry Bell of Bell’s Brewery in Michigan at a beer dinner in Deland, Florida.

Mermaid Juice was born and Daneaux was turning out extreme brews with names like ‘Huffin’ Krylon, Santa’s Wet Sticky Candy Cane, Big Fat Hairy Naner and 666 Redrum.

Mermaid Juice and Daneaux have moved one step closer to living the dream.  Daneaux is currently working through the state and federal licensing process and a custom brew system is in production.

Voted number 1 Craft Beer Bar in Florida on and

Artistically expressed, no rules, unexpected ingredients!  Extreme beers, brewed with soul from your Mermaid King!

What does Daneaux’s loyal followers say about him??

“Daneaux is the Merle Haggard of beer.” ~Kevin and Johnnie

“One of the greatest f^@*ing people on the planet.” ~Allie Rodriguez